Saturday, October 2, 2010


My friends decided to go out of town yesterday after work, and because it was not planned I was hesitant to come and it was also raining the whole day so my mind was telling me not to come. They wanted to have dinner at Tagaytay and have some drinks while enjoying the beautiful view of the place. They even called me party popper because I won't come with them. My point why I don't want to join is that, I was worrying about the wet ground because the rain is non stop. One of my friend was so desperate to convince me with them , says that they are always ready to call for  emergency assistance if in case things for us on the road won't be friendly. So after the long conversation of convincing me, I gave in and come with the group. And so far our travel was smooth though the rain continuously pour out. All in all our dinner their was successful.

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