Sunday, September 12, 2010


A good friend of mine was faced in trouble because of rumors that circulate inside his  sphere of influence. Although I know he was the one to blame why the rumors have spread out and is eating him up, I didn't say something and I shut my mouth , no matter how the group tried to scoop some information from me. They are trying to make me tell story because they knew I was close with this friend of mine, whom can't bear the heat that he flamed up. 

The incident makes my blood boils when his staff confront me, asking me why I  leaked  that sensitive issue of his boss. Goodness! on Earth why would I do that? What will I gain from doing that?. From that time that his staff confront me to confirm their malicious thinking, I told his staff  to spare me from their game.The following day, the staff apologies, but this time his staff confess that it was his boss that asked him to do it. After that I learned that it was my friend (the boss) who was suspecting me. I didn't get his call after knowing the fact and I avoided him. Now he is trying to win me back, but I have learn my lesson I am keeping my distance as I am not yet over with his accusation, and I don't think I will be over. I have no more trust with him.

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