Thursday, September 2, 2010


I can't say if I really miss the office and work since last week that I file my leave of absences. Although my leave was good only until Wednesday of this week, I continue my leave til' today, Friday. The reason? I am not feeling well and so I needed more rest to cope up with the energy and body aches I still have. The funny thing on this leave of mine is that, my friends have predicted beforehand this absences of mine. Oh well seems like they have a radar detectors, that the assumptions was granted.winks! But really, I did not plan the leave extension, its just that I needed to make up with all the late night sleeps we have and all the adventures I've tried. I'm sure the group understand, because I dare to do all the stunts while most of them prefer to be on their comfort zone. And  now, this is what I've got from being clever.

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