Sunday, September 12, 2010


Alone again today since my new housemate decided to go out for shopping, good for them. After the long weeks of work the couple has find ways to bond . While I prefer to be home alone, I kept myself busy in browsing for the latest news and business. What is trending in the web community, and there are always category to click on. Health and fab is my favorite topic, but I also browse the market and see what I could buy online for less. Especially now that Christmas is coming to town, might as well buy gifts in advance. Its good to see some pictures of the items on sale in the net. Speaking of sale, cigars are also on sale in my favorite online shop. Though I don't smoke, my boyfriend do so I can't leave the thing , so I browse  brands and the prices. I've copied the link and send it to him, because I know its one of his interest. I leave him a message together with the link so will wait for his reaction. winks!.

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