Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm a business minded person, maybe because my parents was into business.I was raised and was able to finished my study with the help of our business. We have a stall in the market, A one ride from our home. During weekend or semestral break, I would help them and be the the cashier of our store. With that training from my parents I have learned the value of money, and how it will make my life good in the future. And now that I have my work and is planning to work for my future, the first thing that came to my mind to is put up my own business, as I don't see myself working with my employer until my old days. Some friends suggested that it is good to enter in the food business while others says in the computer business and in printing business. For me, if have the resources I will invest in different business ventures  and  maximize everything. This is were I would like to put my savings in the future. 

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