Monday, August 16, 2010


Two weeks ago, my Aunt told me about her issue with her blog being deleted by her free web hosting site as her blog was mistakenly categorized as spam. Needless to say, There was no way for her to retrieve her blog site that she was managing for two years already. With that incident, I was alarmed and worried that any moment , free hosting site can easily delete blogs without further a do to the author of the site. So, I look for hosting sites that has reputation and can meet my needs and also will give me a good service. And while browsing this web hosting hub caught my attention, so I started scanning the services they are providing their subscriber. I gave this link to my Aunt, whose on the look out also for the best web hosting for her blog site. And she was impressed with the services being offered by the hosting hub, she told me, she will update me on her decision of subscribing a hosting site.

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