Thursday, August 5, 2010


Everyday in the morning, my routine is, open my internet, browse the yahoo news before opening email. Today, one of the news caught my attention. It's about the "same sex marriage" in the U.S. It was said on the news that the legal fight for "same sex marriage ban " was overturned by the Federal judge of San Francisco. The group under same sex was victoriously celebrating the good news. 

After reading the news, I remember the story in the bible about Sodom and Gommora, were lot was asked to hand his visitors to the man outside the house so they could make out with them. ad the bargain  between lot and the people begin, If you remember the story. I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in God and the bible. While reading  those comments of some people about the news, I am speechless. Some of them even commented about their belief of the bible and God. A 14 year old girl even commented about God's way.  Anyway, I'm not against same sex. They are humans too, the only different is that according to them , they are trapped under opposite sex body, but their mind and soul are hundred percent girl/boy.  What's my point? my point is that, people have different  upbringing and cultures and traditions. So those who believe in the teaching of bible, and put God as their master, see this news as scary and unrighteous. But to those people who are open minded and would like to practice their civil rights, are celebrating to the fullest, because its the end of discrimination for people under same sex, and they  will  be given equal freedom to marry their same sex partner. 

I do believe respecting people regardless of his/her race, color and status, gender  is a key to a successful nation. but there is a limitation. And it is doing the right thing. If your under the same sex, fine. But lets be responsible and sensitive enough with our neighbors. Because what is accepted to you, may not be accepted to others.

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