Saturday, August 14, 2010


A technician came this morning and fix my telephone. Called my internet provider yesterday, complained the bad reception of my telephone. Knowing that  I  have a not so good experience in their customer service hotline, I worry that they might not give me immediate answer on my request , set my mind that it will take  a week for their reply, but came this morning, I was impress that they give me a fast reply. The technician called and infrom me of his coming. He replace my old telephone handset with new one. But I still have to wait for a caller to call me, so I can test if the phone don't have weak reception. Though I tried calling someone and ask him if I sound loud and clear and my friend response is positive. 

I appreciate the fast action that my internet provider gave me so far. I hope this will continue and I also hope there will be no more technical difficulties I may be encountering , so I may not call the hot line every time.I'm not hoping that it would be my last call to them  to ask assistance, but it will be great if I will call to inquire for promos but not to complain.

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