Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Very true indeed that this old time saying that says , Everything happens for a reason no matter how bad or good the situation you experience. In my case, I was asking God, why is that the things that I am praying and asking becomes the opposite of my prayer. I have shared this question in my cell group in our department. And one of the supervisor, had open my mind and clear out those doubts that I have keeping for quite sometimes. I told my group , I was asking God, why he would not listen to me and give me more problems every time I asked for peace and health for my family. Just last week, my brother's ankle had crack because he slipped off the floor. Accident happen, I stop praying because my family is hurting more  every time I asked for their protection. 

Ms. Clea, commented after my story, she said I should be thankful instead. She said, because of my prayer my brother was save from grave injury that he might had because of that incident. And be thankful that only he had cracked on his ankle and can be cure without surgery. I thank her very much becasue of that realization she let me see. Giving thank to the Lord in everything.


kikilabotz said...

give thanks.. wag kalimutan magpasalamat sa itaas ^_^

JENIE=) said...

i so believe that! like now that i am sick, i believe it is a poke reminding me that im getting so engrossed with my new work that Im not serving Him as I used to.

glad to be here friend, see me back
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