Saturday, August 14, 2010


I always admire people who knows how to maintain a  good and balance healthy living especially in their status in life. Some says , being sexy is an asset.And so one's appearance has become one of the common gauge in determining one's lifestyle. The saying , what you see is what you get, applies. Like for example, if you see a huge lady it means shes not sexy or even more healthy. But if you see a pretty gorgeous lady with almost perfect figure, wow of course all the praise goes to this pretty one.

I guess that's life, but what's important is that how we treat ourselves. I once had an office mate who had a plus size figure, but you know I don't see her huge as some of my office mates do. And despite some of the joke that is thrown to her, she still manage herself to look good and remain lovable. She has something that I could not explain, all I know is shes sexy. She has a fashion taste , she loves to buy a plus size lingerie, she loves to wear accessory. Her being huge did not limit her from being sexy. That's what I like with that office mate of mine before.Her attitude had really inspire me.

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