Sunday, July 4, 2010


My five days rest from work is going to end tonight. I was loving my long vacation but then again, I have to work for a living or else, I'll starve to death. My sister in law was even asking me how I manage to stay in my room the whole 5 days without getting bored. Why would I get bored anyway? this is what I have been longing for and I was having fun. And because I know I will be spending most of my time at home, I did shop for foods that I will be needing during my long weekend and movies. Because I missed some items to buy at the supermarket, I went  to  the nearest mini mart in my place, guess what? don't underestimate their organization  just as I  didn't imagine how  updated  they are to use ls2208  for their POS system. You see,  I am now giving my environment  a review and opinion. Maybe, it was the result of my long weekend.  Making  me realize things that I should try to do, which I have not  yet do in my life.  

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