Monday, July 12, 2010


We were going to celebrate our three year stay here in our apartment in few months more to come, I remember our first night here,I and my sister were not prepared to transfer from our home to another house that has nothing at all. As in we don't have appliances with us not even a dining table or a chairs for ourselves. That was the challenge for us. Until one day, my sister's boyfriend invite us to a place where stores are known for selling good quality wholesale appliances ,home furniture's and other materials that can be found inside house.We can't hide our admiration with what we saw on that thrift stores and boutiques that we visited before. We bought a mini refrigerator and a few housewares at a very good offer that we cannot resist. Now looking back, if I would buy again to complete our thing inside the apartment , I'd still go for that place. Never mind the distance, I can stand for it. The important thing for me is to save without sacrificing the quality of product I purchase.

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