Saturday, July 3, 2010


I decided to take a 2 day leave from work after the inaugural address of P.Noy.  And  I took advantage of the time to join job interviews and get together party. One of my main problem during joining some job interview is the location of the company that invites me. Honestly, my boyfriend I guess was giving up already every time he  gives me a roadside assistance plan  of the  place where I'm about to go because I am having a hard time  getting the instructions. I really am lost always when it comes to following direction of the places I am not familiar to go, and I don't like going to. In short I have no sense of direction, so most of the time, I have a companion with me to drop me off on the exact location.  He was curious why I am not that excited to  know more  about the places and considering working at Makati City. I told him, Its not that I don't like the very lucrative and progressive place of Makati, but in my own opinion, I don't see it a wise move for me to work in Makati proper, because for all I know the cost of living in that place is high. And even if I will be getting a high paying job, It will still be spent on foods that are expensive and cab for my transportation. And besides, I don't like long walking which I experience, quite a times in Makati.

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