Saturday, July 24, 2010


For the second time around, we met again. Gracie Ilagan of Heart2heart and I, did have a chit chat at the Kings Court in Makati City last night. She was so kind and generous, that she didn't want me to pay the bill  for our dinner. Well, she insisted to pay the bill, so I let her do the favor. Anyway, going back to our meeting last night. Gracie, seem to be serious in executing those seminars she have attended previously. Good for her , and now, she is on her way of sharing those lessons from the sessions of seminars she undergo.And I'm one of the lucky person to heard about the seminar.

We were supposed to meet up Wednesday , but unfortunately I was not able to make it, so we move it last night. And when I was at the seminar room and talking with the marketing director and trainer, I was so inspired to learn more about the  financing strategy. But there's a problem, I am sure  really not sure if I can join them soon, because there are things that I need to settle first. I don't want to compromise my financial status right now. Though, I really would want to join, I don't think it is possible for me to do this time. First things , first. My Aunt, told me last night, when we were chatting. She said, its a good investment but, I should take it easy. Give it some time or next month. I hope I can make it.

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Gracie said...

Hi sissy! I'm really glad to hear that you were inspired with what you heard last Friday. By the way about the dinner, it's my pleasure to treat you and it has nothing to do whether you join or not. I just really wanted to have a long conversation with you face to face. I am one of the lucky people to meet you and I am really glad that we were able to talk just anything from investments to lovelife. hahaha!

Going back with you budget dilemma, it's okey if you can't join agad. Your aunt is right, take it easy. As for me, I also don't want to compromise your budget because I know how hard it is. But still I want to see you back and attend series 2 and 3 anyway it is still for free. Right? While you are at the planning stage it will be good to learn more about us and about investments. Just let me know if you can come this Wednesday.

By the way, I had fun with our dinner. You are really one beautiful person inside and out and ngayon sure na talaga ako dyan after meeting you face to face. I know na simula pa lang yan for a more better friendship. Thanks sissy and God bless you :)