Friday, July 9, 2010


My schedule today is loaded, and I don't even know where to go, since I would like to go on both of them. My two office mate is bidding good bye soon, and there last day at work will be next week already. So our group planned for a farewell blow out this afternoon. Another thing is that , my outside friend told me that her Aunt, had invited me to become her daughter's god mother.Wow, such a privilege. It would mean foods again, haha. I love to eat, its one of my weakness. Good thing I am not that huge, but if I am, surely I'd go for weight loss pills to help me balance my eating habit. My boyfriend, even calls my attention of my evening habits of eating. He said that, it is not good for me to eat heavy dinner, because the calories will be stuck in my tummy since I don't use so much energy during evening,and so those carbohydrates will form fats in my body and would cause me to expand. I get his point that's why I am going to guard my eating habit next time. Not now,( laugh) for the last time atleast. How about you? hows your eating habit.


charmie said...

I'm also want to watch my weight.. hehehe! Gaining weight , want to try that diet pills.. :)

*josie* said...

if you're not going to sleep early,it's okay to eat heavy dinner, you can still burn those calories. thanks for dropping by.

kat said...

I seldom eat heavy at night because it's hard for me to sleep if i am full. I only eat rice also at lunch time hehe. Thanks for dropping by anyway.