Friday, July 9, 2010


They say that, our hair is our crowning glory.I agree. That's why I myself go gaga over the hair re bonding offers of some beauty parlor, were you are going to undergo 6 hours of hair procedure. Painful and time consuming it may be, but after the work, I was satisfied with the result. But of course there are still side effects we could get from this procedure because of the chemical that were applied in our hair. And one of the effects I notice was , the increase of hair fall on my part. I did try using a hair loss shampoo and other hair treatment products in the market, but eventually I got bored and quit using them. Besides, hair treatment shampoos are not advisable for every day use. Now, I have minimized my shampoo usage. I don't directly rub it on my hair, I dilute shampoo in water then spread it on my hair. It was effective to me, because my falling hair was also reduced. Glad to share my experience here.

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