Sunday, July 4, 2010


Since tomorrow is Monday, and the day which  I promise my boss to give the  full details of my absences. The crazy truth is that , I am not yet ready to confess my plan of leaving soon, and I wish that only after  I have  found a new job to look forward to, is the time that I may be  breaking the news. I know it's unethical to look for better opportunity  while I am still in contract with my current employer. Not a good practice to do, but majority of my colleagues and friends are advising the same thing. "Do not leave your job now, while you don't see yet a new company to join. 

I really am considering their advices,  as a matter of fact I was already practicing  it Looking for new job, but I'm running out of excuses every time I would inform my boss of my leave, She will not give me her blessing unless I tell her my reason. I'm so tired also of giving reasons, and even if my leave is personal, she will still ask , what is that personal leave all about?  pathetic. 

Now I'm torn between my plans and my security. There are still lots of  thought  playing in my mind right  now .And if confessing my plan with my boss would mean passing my resignation the soonest possible, I just hope that things will work out for the better in the end. Wish me success guys. :-)


Gracie said...

Hello my dear! How are you? I hope you are better now. I wish you were in the money and wealth summit that I attended last Friday and Saturday to learn the new opportunities that will help you decide with your current dilemma. There's so many opportunities out there and we just need to look. I hope that you can schedule your seminar with us for you to be able to see another sets of perspective and hopefully another set of new opportunities that will help you get out in that situation.

Right now, I really wanted to meet you and be able to help you in this matter. I know how you feel and I know that I am one of those urging you to stay where you are unless you are able to look for another job or opportunities that will help you in your finances and will help you get out from your current situation. I said those because of the things that happened to me in the past. But of course it is only you who can decide for yourself.

What I really wish is to be able to see you within the week and show you that there are still many opportunities out there. You really have a choice.

Good day my friend and hope to receive message from you. God bless!

Risma Hutabarat said...

Whatever you do and what kind of decision you make, I'm sure that you know what's the best for you, Yen. You are a mature woman with lots and lots of experiences. Hope you find the best solution right away

From a friend :)
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Mel Avila Alarilla said...

The advice of your friends that you look first for a better job before resigning in your present job is a very wise one. Don't feel bad about it, just do your best for your current job for your conscience sake. Did it ever occur to your mind to discuss the problem with your boss? Maybe she can solve your problem. I am not aware of the reasons why you are leaving your present job but whatever they may be, can't you discuss them with your boss? Maybe she can give acceptable solutions to your problem like a higher pay and better treatment from her. I don't know, it's just a suggestion from me. You are in the best position to know your wisest course of action to take. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.