Saturday, June 12, 2010


Having excess pounds is a very common problem in today's society, especially in foreign countries. As I've usually read on the net about obesity, it is alarming to know the effect, one can have if he/she suffered this kind of problem. You know the problem is not on the foods that we feed our body, but  our own selves.Unless we don't guard our lifestyles and habit of eating. It's  not surprising to see our self in front of the mirror one day , that our body have gain pounds. What a funny side of life, we only start to change our lifestyle when we experienced it personally, but if we just saw it on others,  we listen  of course to their rants but do nothing about it to avoid such mishaps. Anyway,  if you have decided yourself to lose pounds, apidexin can give you a boost. I said so, because of the reviews I have read on their site. But of course, It's still you who will decide if you wish to have one. I'd still suggest to find your own medicine that your body will accept without any adverse effect. 

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Lisa said...

Oh :D count me in! I have tried aerobics, the instruments to have big bods that men used, dieting, diet pills and other regimen. But, I am still this big ( ). Know whats wrong? I lack discipline! Second is acceptance. We have different body types! :)