Friday, June 25, 2010


Speaking of shopping, Had you  bought a stuff lately that makes your ego boost with pride? I'm sure some of us can relate to me. Material things we buy for ourselves to some gives a lift on their ego, why did I say that? I myself sometimes feel this way. Buying expensive clothing , perfumes , branded bags and so on, are just some of those examples to tell. Yes, it feels good to wear a designers clothes, specially when you go out and you caught some eye showing admiration on how you look. Shopping is indeed a therapy for some women, and having those stuff at a best buy  that you can get is more rewarding than you can think of. There are those intelligent shopper that maybe through their experience have master the rules of shopping. They are the ones that goes out to shop boutiques and other shops are on sale. Of course, who would want to resist of  half the price slash of that gorgeous bag you've been eying for.

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