Friday, June 25, 2010


I was talking on the phone with my old time buddy, He was telling me about so many issues in life, I was just listening to him while he was releasing his grievances. But there was one thing that he told me about that makes  me upset. I wanted to end up the conversation and  hang up as fast as I could. He thinks I'm so immature while I think he was so childish. He don't act according to his age. 

He called back again to say sorry, and tell me, he was just kidding me and he was not expecting me react that way. Why not? Does he really think I will believe that he was joking that moment. Poor alibi, I won't buy that. I shouldn't take his call , I regret talking to him and his nonsense story. I said, I will avoid talking about angst and negative outlooks in all of my blog, but tonight,allow me to excuse myself for a while as I think I really need time to absorb the joke of this friend of mine.  Hey , boy you should know the best time to crack a joke. Now, look at what you did, you upset me.

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