Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Last week, I took a half day leave at work. I didn't tell my boss my real story behind my leave, and I don't have the strength to tell her, hehe. Me and my friend decided to look for  better offer , so we both filed  for  leave of absences. Good thing we were not in the same department, no one noticed that the two inseparable ladies were not in the building. The story begins when we both applied on that company for position that would fit us. And after our exams and interview, we were brainstorming and sharing those questions that have asked us. Jen, told me she was asked what document management software she is familiar with, I knew it  could possibly  be  ask because she was applying for document specialist position. You wanna know what did she answer? , oh well she said she was not familiar with the system but she is always willing to learn if given a chance. ( looking for a new job is marketing also your own strength, right? ) the next thing that happen was a history.

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