Friday, June 25, 2010


During our company's thanksgiving celebration, The wife of the owner decided to make their home as our venue for the party.And so we were picked up by some shuttle and arrived at the venue on time. That was my first time to see the owners house. It was quite big for 4 people to live, and a total of 10 hired helps in the house. Before reaching the main door, you'll see their swimming pool with lots of big stones on the sides, (not a friendly pool I guess, It was like a lake for me). At the back door, I was impressed to see a pond , a beautiful one. It looks like a therapy to me, while watching those colorful fishes playing around the pond fountains . I caught myself seating beside that pond for more than an hour, while the people at the front door were having fun' well, I was having fun too.With fishes and while feeding them.My boss didn't notice that I wasn't there, all the while he thought I was having a good time and seat  with other group. Had my boss knew that I was gone for an hour and knew that I would have choose the pond than join the partying staff, I'm sure he will just laugh at me. I know him, Our director is not that strict  when it comes to my decisions. Anyway,before the party I already told my boss a week before the event that I am not going to join. But because he told me to be there because the owner might ask him of his staff's presence, the 3 of us in the group attend the party. Good thing, I was entertained by the fishes and the trees on the backyard of the owners house. On our way home, inside the car of our boss,I told them was I saw at the back yard and they laugh out loud, and tell me I'm clever.

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