Saturday, June 12, 2010


I was reading a newspaper this morning and turn the page in the modern living section, The writer; Barbara C. Gonzales story  hit me in the eye. I realize I was  having my dilemma of boredom at this point in time. And as she was reiterating some facts of  signs that a person is having a boredom  in some aspect of her life like marriage, and work.Some facts she mentioned regarding  marriage is that , if you are honest enough to tell your partner that  your  terribly bored with your partner then It would be better I guess?.At  work , when you find  yourself  in the morning so lazy to go to work and the passion had fade away, it's time to assess yourself. If your starting  to love to stare your  watch  to check the time of off to work, bored to see the clock move slow and make pass of your time by chatting with co workers and don't have second thought on extending hours inside the office when clock strikes at exactly 6pm. and yet can stay longer outside places .Bingo! As the writer said, The solution to boredom is on our hands that we have to think of other paths, other things that will make life more interesting and discipline ourselves to learn them. And until you have not able to point out your boredom in life and you keep on denying it yourself, then you'll just end up wandering around with no definite purpose in life. You'll end up miserable in your old time, which I don't want to happen to me. The good news is that, I am doing something to eradicate the boredom in me.And is the good thing is that I  still have this other channel to release my boredom, and it is writing here.(wink!)

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