Sunday, May 9, 2010


I went to a mall this afternoon to canvass for a new air conditioning but unfortunately I was not able to take home a unit with me because when I was about to buy a 3/4 hp air con suddenly after making me wait for a couple of minutes the salesman told me, there were no more stock for that unit. Frustrating though, after half an hour of  bargaining with me his product yet he was not aware if that item have stock in their stockroom. Funny people.

And because I was disappointed  and I feel like my energy was consumed with that air con hunting, I give myself a break by visiting near clothing boutiques with designers brand  wear like Calvin klein and DKNY. I admit my stress from that of air con incident have vanished instantly by making my eyes feast for these lovely clothing's. Its always good to know the latest in wears for summer, as it is hot hot hot. Cool and refreshing fashion trends for summer get aways  from summer dresses, mini skirts  to accessories it was worth a visit on that boutique. While at some shops, I was able to have an idea on how to mix and match colors through their window display, because I have an eye for ruffled shirts and dress I almost spend my budget for the air con in exchange of that complementing shirt that I even fitted to see if it  will looks good on me. Good thing I have managed to control my compulsive desire for that flattering dress.


demonyitogwapito said...

Air condition really helps today due to el nino. :)

thanks to the unavailability of that thing because you got the chance to visit several stores/boutique. :)

Mayet said...

hi! thanks for stopping by my blog;-) have a lovely day.