Thursday, May 6, 2010


Unique for me exceeding more than expected. Before, in my previous relationship my man always try his best to give me a unique presents whenever there is a special day to be celebrated. And I appreciate those efforts.I believe uniqueness need not be expensive, it is how the packaged presented. Anyway,for those gentlemen , do you remember a situation where a unique gifts for her  you prepared have given you the best picture of her while your girl was receiving that gift?  I'm not talking her of diamonds or cheques, haha. Hmm, this post gives me an idea of doing a survey in my friends community. And if ever you will ask me what unique gifts would I wish to receive, I would say it would be a manicure set given by my man with a service package. I mean he will do the nail polished in my toe, ah.. I find it cute hahaha.


shanushy0809 said...

give a gift to someone, not only can diliat of price or value of the goods.
but a sense of concern shown in giving or a special moment to remember these people

demonyitogwapito said...

wow! you are giving me an idea on how to give my partner a unique one. Of course, it wont be the same as you wish but somehow it must be related to that. :)