Thursday, May 6, 2010


Yes at last,  time is coming near to express my power to vote. On Monday , May 10,2010 I will have my right and privilege as a citizen of this nation to chose who I believe is deserving to take the highest position in the country. After all the 3 months political campaigns I saw everywhere I turn,  now is my time to decide. I know I am responsible for the votes I am going to make.This vote might  make it or break it. This vote will might  make this country more corrupt and might  make this country  also into a righteous  nation of government. I know my vote can make a difference because I do care and love this country where my thoughts and experiences and influences has something to do with the  kind of government and community I have here. Where I was taught the value  and  meaning of integrity and honesty. I greatly believe that whatever decisions we may  mark down this coming election, it will reflect us all. We as a Filipino. We will not be judged one by one of other foreign countries that are watching our actions , but rather we will be judged as a nation and that is us FILIPINOS. May God help us and guide us  with the great decision we are going to make this May,10,2010.


NovaS said...

it is in your hands the future of our country my dear.. i'm sure you have think it a thousand times to whom are you going to give your vote..

good luck

demonyitogwapito said...

good luck to us. good luck to all Filipinos.

i just hope that people will realize that vote buying makes them fooled by the politicians because the money they will get is just a cent for the politicians because they will get the return of their money from the government through corruption.