Saturday, May 8, 2010


I don't know why some people have so many issues in life, and of all the people in Earth why there kinds keep on growing  as day passed by. I bet you know what I am talking here about if you have been a victim of some people in your community that who loves to create issue over their brothers and sisters lives in order for them to satisfy their habits. I also am wondering why there are also people who are so in demand be the subject of these unhappy people.If you think you've been a victim a  countless times of such attack from  unhappy people who don't know anything aside from pissing off their neighbors, what was then the actions you do to address these kinds of  annoying people in your environment? As for me, I have countless encounters with these freaky people. 

Though I struggled a lot because I couldn't tame my tongue at times. I am like " what you do to me, will bounce back to you" but it doesn't make me feel any better or even a give me the feeling of being a good person. But lately I have tried a new approached and I guess I found peace doing it unlike before. I just let the issue pass  and don't take them seriously. Now, I think those unhappy people who loves to make me the subject of their senseless lifestyle, couldn't believe that I am no longer hysterical type and did not  fall again in their dirty crap. To those unhappy people out there," You made me stronger".


demonyitogwapito said...

You are definitely right. I also encountered such people like that but it doesnt matter to me at all. In fact, it feels me how insecure they are. Sometimes, it is better for us to ignore the people because they will just waste our time.

simply kim said...

well, maybe you realized that it was time 'to let go' and not be affected by these people..