Sunday, May 16, 2010


Yes at last I was able to purchased that appliances after a month of canvassing. My body is tired from walking in and out of the malls, and we have also encountered a small trouble when we were about to buy the air con. Because the salesman that have assist us have taken the reserved stock that has a sold out note. Were not aware of that, when suddenly the salesman is about to test the item, a lady came out and musing in front of the air con. Doing some checked on the serial numbers and my friend heard that the lady says, It was the item for them. The salesman didn't tell us, instead he leave us on the waiting area while he was packing the display air con in their showroom. Because of that incident, I canceled my purchased, maybe because of the lady who keeps on murmuring, and the embarrassing situation , plus the salesman who tried to deceived us by packing the display item that has missing parts according to him which he told us before the incident happened. I forgot, I also buy some office supplies for my personal use, and goodness I have this necklace type I.D holder that I like and wear it around my neck  while me and my friend was picking some items. And after we payed for the items at the cashier section, I noticed the I.D holder in my neck when we were near the exit door of the main mall.We can't help ourselves but laugh at the situation.I didn't mean it anyway.

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