Saturday, May 29, 2010


I was complaining already this pain two months ago. It started to attack me after letting the unprofessional far away neighborhood at home. Since then I often wakes up in the morning enduring the pain. And before I could conclude totally of my suspicion. I goggled the causes of back aches and base on what I have read, there are different causes of back aches and it could be prior to pregnancy, but I am not pregnant so I can't relate to that. It could also be prior to the menstrual period. Yeah, I remember I have mine this week but then again this is not the first time I woke up feeling the pain, so It could be possibly because of my period but not really. 

The author also says that carrying a few extra pounds is also a common cause for back aches, Obesity is mentioned and the author advice is to reduce some pounds. Back aches may also be caused by the positions in which one sleeps, or the kind of mattress upon which one sleeps .(Ding! I  may be the person the author is referring here.). Usually back aches of this type can be helped through positional changes. However, positions may be hard to maintain once one is asleep. (How? I'm like a frozen oil when asleep, not conscious anymore how I look like when fall in deep sleep). Improper seating positions during the day may also result in back aches.(I am also guilty in this description).  Back pain caused by poor seating positions can be reduced by taking a break from sitting and stretching once an hour. As well, maintaining good posture while sitting, or using ergonomically designed chairs can ease back aches of this origin. Even trauma to the back from fractures or strain can result in lower back aches.

To adults, common causes of back aches is the arthritis in spine. So adults were advice to talk a walk everyday and exercise to lessen the pains and make the normal positions and function of the bones would function accordingly. 
As most doctors recommend reducing injury through regular exercise and weight loss. No matter how eager we are to eliminate this kind of pain , if we don't help ourselves, we don't do the advice like doing a regular exercise for our bones, we will likely experience more back aches with any type of vigorous activity.  Strong abdominal muscles  is said to be of significant help in combating lower back aches. These solutions will not eliminate all back pain, but even some elimination of back pain is a goal worth achieving.


Gracie said...

Hi Yen! How are you feeling today? I hope gone are the heartache, the backache, the headache and many other ache you had been feeling in the past days. LOL! I'm glad to know that somehow I am able to help you enlightened your mind about your work (hmmm... tama ba? hahaha). Anyway, I am happy to know na ok ka na. As for your question, I live in the beautiful province of Cavite but honestly I am from dashing province of Bicol. hahaha. Ano ba ito. Ikaw ba, from Metro Manila? Minsan kasi lumuluwas ako dyan kapag kailangan. hehehe.

kikilabotz said...

cguro kung nagbuhat ka ng mabibigat na bagay dapat alam mo ang proper body mechanics..right position kapag nag lilift k ng mga heavy objects..

eden said...

Great info. I know I have a poor sitting position kasi minsan makaramdam ako ng back pain.

supermommyjem said...

Hi, sometimes I also feel back pain so to avoid I do some stretching before working and observe my sitting position and sleeping position.

Lina Gustina said...'s your condition now?