Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Here I am again, complaining about the heat of the sunlight and the heat at night. Even if I have opened the windows of my room, the air that is coming in doesn't change a thing. I can't sleep at nigh without taking a shower. Unlike before I can still sleep comfortably  even without a shower.Ahh, I guess its reaping time.  Do other people know how soil is important in absorbing the heat? While I was walking tonight, I am hoping that somehow I could still see a non cemented place where I could see  grasses and trees.

My mind was imagining the old town province of my parents, where I grew up too. Every morning my Lola sweep the yard, and watered her herbal plants and flowers , where there is also a broken yoke of  eggs covering the branches of the flowers. I was hoping to see those kinds of set up here in my place, though I doubt it if there could be a place like that here. Maybe those huge houses in the executive villages here in the metro have. Their lucky to see soil. I was confused when the landlord of our apartment here cemented again the path walks here 2 inch the normal cemented area. Now I am suspecting the heat I am suffering right now has something to do with that fresh concrete path walk. I can't express myself clearly tonight. waah.. Its hot.

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