Wednesday, May 19, 2010


With the environment we have today, I know almost half of the population of the world are already informed and educated about these pandemic deceases that are infecting the mankind. I was wondering if these kinds of decease like Mesothelioma Cancer exist during old testament people. I remember the grandfather of my friend told us that during their ancestors time, people live a hundred years old. Which was confirmed by the bible in the old testament. But look at us now, Man is blessed if he/she reach the age of 75 in our time. I'm pretty sure we all know the answer why. We have abused our planet, our nature, our environment. Progress has its price, and I think in that part we lack preparation and precaution, because we were enjoying the benefits of high tech progression in our planet. But come to think of it, w are suffering the effects, man has created and invented. We are slowly killing ourselves, which is why people woke up on their beds one morning asking why is their health deteriorating. Health is wealth so let us all help ourselves to care for our environment, nature, neighbors and our planet.

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