Monday, May 3, 2010


At last, I was able to pick up this book and start reading about the love story of John Tyree and Savannah Curtis. I am not yet on half page of the story but I can sense that it is really a good one. I wanted to internalize each details of the scenes being described in the story and their feelings. Opps, I am just starting to read it and more of the characters here that John tells is more of his father who loves to collect old coins. His grandfather was the one who has the passion of collecting old coins and was continued by John's dad. At his young age, he could tell you more of Saint -Gaudens double eagles were minted in 1927 as compared with 1924 and why an 1895 barber dime minted in New Orleans was ten times more valuable than the same coin minted in the same year in Philadelphia. Surprising? Yes, I would like to think so. I know those coins are valuable and can make them rich, with the market value of  those gold coins. Anyway, I don't know what happened next after he decided to enter military and jumped the sea water to look for the purse of a brunette he saw in the beach. That's all for now, I still have to read them all in order to continue my sharing here.

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NovaS said...

that is amazing, like a love story yet too lazy to read the book, except it its magical stories..

can't wait for the next thing to happen...keep reading and share with me the short story