Monday, May 3, 2010


I often wonder why  some people does not stay long in their jobs despite the fact that they are protected by their status in the company they are serving plus the compensation they get. Whenever we got tired of our routine job tendency is we find a job that will give us new challenge and new promising growth. Why is that? Does the saying, " man has no contentment in life" has something to do with these. As we reach our dreams ,life doesn't end there. Instead we keep on searching for the best of the best. We look for the job that will satisfy our system, give us good compensation of course.But again, when we got the job, and as we are working with the company, your dreams and desire changes and became more aggressive to look for a new one.Why , why why?. Do you know the reason?


Rah said...

yup, a man should never be contented. He must always be curious. A satisfied man is as good as someone who has given up on life.

demonyitogwapito said...

I can relate to this article. For me, I transfer one company to another not because i am looking for a job to challenge my skills and abilities but because i am still looking for job that i can do freely, i can do the routine without losing my interest as time goes by. in other words, i am still looking for a job that suits my character.

everyone has its own reason why they look for a new jobs.