Tuesday, May 4, 2010


Its been a month since my friend decided to sell his 1st generation of ipod. The response from his post was overwhelming, I didn't expect that more people will bid for the item, I even joke him, telling him that I will not accept his obsolete ipod if he ever gave it to me. haha. That man is so resourceful and full of abilities, I didn't imagine myself that he will survive from those competitors on that online store of ipods though prices are high, the features and the looks is boasting compare that of my beloved friends second hand ipod. I, then realize that if there are people who likes to own every new kinds of model released, there are also people in the market that goes for the original ipod, I mean the 1st generation.Because it is said to be of good quality.


an said...

I've never used ipod ipod but I think it is a good gadget

demonyitogwapito said...

whats the advantage of having an iPod compared to on having a different brand of mp3 or mp4?