Sunday, May 16, 2010


At last, after one month of canvassing for the air conditioning,  this afternoon I was able to buy one for my room. Not that big, because my room is not that huge.Though the price is not that agreeable for .8hp , I already gave in. Never mind, the important thing is that I can give myself a little comfort when I am here in my room during weekends. Especially right now, the heat is deeply penetrating human skin. I can't stay here in my room when  clock strikes at around 11 am in the morning because the heat is felt already inside this room. No matter how I wish to stay in my room and do my thing in front of my desktop,  I just go down and let my day passed idle and return to my room after the sunset. Thank you Lord, I was able to accomplished my plan today. I wish that this air con be installed as soon as possible.

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