Thursday, April 22, 2010


Its my advance off today since the owner of the company I am working gives permission to all employee,  file a leave of absence after joining  the first overnight , last night.  The event is a 3 day nationwide fasting held at the Memorial stadium and will end on Sunday morning. It was not a compulsory act but rather an act  of ones conviction of asking God's wisdom to intervene over man's decision this coming election. It is known to everyone that on May 10,2010 a new president is expected to govern the Philippines and as we can see, candidates  from the highest up to the local positions are mud slinging. Making the public feast and scaring other foreign countries. Dragging the whole nation to shame. 

With these things happening in our land, I was amazed how people respond to the call for a 3 day nationwide fasting. The event purpose is to ask forgiveness of personal sins we are committing, nations sins and all unknown sins to us that somehow we have incurred but we are not aware of . We were there at the stadium yesterday at about 5:45 pm not yet late for the call time. The program starts at 6pm and ended at 6am the following day, and will resume again tonight, same time until Sunday. Looking back things that  have took place last night was a bit hair raising. I doubted that the 20,000 capacity stadium will not be occupied, but I was wrong to see that the participants was overflowing. I was about to take a picture of the huge crowd, but thank goodness, my colleague remind me of the rules in that congregation. No camera and picture taking is allowed, almost caught  violating one of the golden rules.woohh. 

What I have experienced last night was just one of the proof that Filipinos seriously seek new government that will uplift the life of the citizens. Fasting and repenting, crying out loud and struggle and battle to defeat the Goliath that is upon the land and punishing the nation. Asking  God to allow the David to rise for this nation and bring back the glory and honor people have taken long time ago. Make the people unite to humble themselves and seek God's provision. May all these things be done to glorify God's name.


thomas said...

Hope that you will find a capable and courageous president to lead your nation.

Jan April said...

whew.. this shows that Filipinos still don't forget the One who gives us knowledge and strength... That 3day fasting might be perceived as a pain, but the one with true convictions will not see it as a problem, but as a sincere prayer..

God bless you and our beloved country...


Up Close said...

Lets live blessed and be a blessing. No more satisfying life than this.
God bless you today and always.
Nice blog and postings. no wonder your on page rank 3.