Saturday, April 17, 2010


Everyone aim for a healthy living and lifestyle but only few are given the privilege to have both. IF your ask me why? ; In my own opinion I can relate connect it when the foods we eat, our way of living, lifestyle and vices. And of course discipline. Most of the times we forget this aspect. Of course gift has a price, meaning you have to sweat to achieve what your aiming for. Work for it, if you want to reduce weight then eat foods that will compliments to your diet, like drinking weight loss shakes that you know can help you to trim down. If you want to become healthy, eat fruits and other foods that has vitamins and fighting capacity to fight bad bacteria inside our body, boosting your immune system is also an example. Now, of course all these things cannot be done if you will not practice them.

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Rah said...

this is so true. Generally, we are what we eat. If we eat junk foods, we become a junkie :) Personally, I don't drink Coke. I quit. I realized that drinking Coke does not make me a better person. It's a waste of money. I am now reaping the healthy benefits of that simple act of quitting drinking unhealthy carbonated drinks.