Monday, April 12, 2010


If I could avoid talking and discussing here about politics I would really do. But since it has been the talk of the towns and discussed and argued by different sectors and people of different status in life inside and outside the country, It gives me reason also to share my own views and opinions regarding the matters we are currently living and accepting. Ideas I am putting here in writing is purely my own thoughts and opinion. So if you wish to contradict or add up some  inputs , everyone is encourage.

Politics, well speaking of. This coming May 10,2010 we are all given the rights to vote. And this right cannot be taken from us. It's our time to choose among aspiring candidates running in high position up to the lower position in the government. Lets practice our rights, let's vote wisely. Anyway, is there really a gauge we can use to determine those candidates,  deserving for the position? If  we have , what are those? In my own opinion we should always target for the long term benefits we could get if we are going to vote our bet. 

You know, it pissed me off to hear every corner of the streets here in our place those cars of those aspiring politicians carrying busted sound speaker with their recorded voice tape playing over and over again ( non sense) while strolling around early in the morning until noon. Come on ! give us a break. Third world politics, right?. I saw my neighbors  on the other compound yesterday;  they were wearing one colors of t-shirt. I'm sure it was given to them by their candidates they are patronizing. Ooppss, did I say patronizing?  Of course one  the neighbor shouted with pride that their bet is paying them to campaign. Hmm.. I wonder if that neighbor of mine who happens to be so vocal on the income she is getting from the politician would continue to endure the heat of the sun  while giving leaflets and stickers  if her "bet"  discontinued to pay her.  How heartless it could really be. I can imagine her smile will turn to frown , worst could turn into curse. Just a clever thought.


Rah said...

For me, we should just pick the least evil of them all. Does Nick Perlas ring a bell? hahaha

*josie* said...

Could be she's a member of the 'Hakot Brigade'.. (**wink**)