Friday, March 19, 2010


I happen to read a book about real happiness and this thing  pinched my numb whole being. The author says: Many people feel profoundly serene and peaceful after praying. Prayer is deeply relaxing gives high degree of calmness and optimism in their lives. Prayer comes in various forms to different people, but at its basic level it is manifestation of hope in a trusted source.Prayer is spiritual exercise where we undergo cleansing process, thus enabling us to see our souls and there are lots of scientific evidence that shows how prayerful people have longer and healthier lives. To spend silent time with God through prayer gives strength to face everything and remain happy and unshakable.


GIOVANNI said...

Amen n Amen!

MarlyMS said...

In prayer, I find enlightenment :)

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eden said...

So true...

Rah said...

there are two kinds of prayers, the religious prayer, and the spiritual prayer. The former, sometimes is just routine.