Sunday, March 21, 2010


A friend of mine invited me yesterday to go to church this morning, I don't remember if I have confirmed with her invites but last night I was planning to call her to say yes". But this morning I woke up late and remember my friend who invited me to go to church. I reach out my phone to contact her and say sorry, but  I saw her message informing me that she can't make it to go to the church because she has stomachache, that was close I thought I have made her wait.  Since it is weekend I did my favorite thing to do, dvd marathon the whole night with Tabi. The last movie at around 1:am was the shutter island , the movie was complicated you have to watch again the movie for you to understand it fully. I saw the boredom on Tabi's face haha, and even suggested to play another cd but I refused. After the movie I was like wondering what happen' as I was not satisfied with the ending of that film. If I am to rate the film 1 -5 and 5 is the highest I'd give the film a 2.5 fair enough. Not the type of movie that I will watched again like those other cd that I have.

This afternoon, the raindrops fall outside my window while I am busy hopping around my blogger friends pages. During lunchtime suns heat was truly consuming and drinking shakes and ice cold water is the best. I'm glad that around 3pm the raindrops fall.somehow the heat have subside. Really God is so good He sends rain to ease the heat. Thank you Lord.


Jiman.Go said...

hi ... add my msn y :)

Dhemz said...

matagal na din akong d naka simba...ehehhee...the last time was a couple of months ago sa pinas pa.....:)

nakikidalaw lang dito sis...:)

eden said...

Same here, I dont go to church always.

Thanks for visiting, Yen

Rah said...

i happen to like the movie so much. It is so existential.