Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I remembered this topic last Monday worship in the office, Pastor Ed's lecture was about people who are offended and have offended someone.Normally he said our reaction when we are offended is to avoid the person who offended us or we become bitter with the person. There are these case that you hate to see the person and you even curse your offender. This is because we only focus to what the person had done wrong in us, we dwell to that situation and forget to step forward  and this oftentimes hinder us to fulfill our callings and purpose because of our offend. We are so much in denial to admit to ourselves how we are offended but in our action we are not aware that it is manifesting. According to Ptr. Ed, we must be freed from our offense in order for us to operate in our calling. That we must not despise our offense, instead try to analyze what God wants us to learn from our offense.We must always ask God " Lord what is the end of this"? Emotions are designed by God, and must be submitted to God hence the more we tried to get it better the worst it get, sometimes God allows it to happen to test our attitude towards circumstances. No mortal men or devil can supersede the plan of God in your life. If offended the enemy will just take you captive. God has already seen every adverse circumstance we will ever meet. He has the way planned for escaping it.  

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