Thursday, March 11, 2010


I often missed to update this page of mine ,this week I was not able to visit this site. Ah, forgive me again as I am so busy. Monday, I came home late from the office to do some stuffs for  the birthday presentation of our CFO.Tuesday, me and my group in the company go out to have dinner and have some fun. It was a treat from our dearest CFO and mentor of our Singles group.The following day Wednesday, I worked half day and attended free sample lesson on speech power , enhancing word vocabulary and English fluency.Tonight, I go home late again to practice our song presentation for tomorrows party of our CFO.Actually today is her birthday. Happy birthday CLK! , we made a scrapbook for her with all our pictures compiled in that book ,all our adventures and reach out programs moments was posted there, I like the mixed creativity each one of us in the group had come up to make that scrapbook possible. Tomorrow morning at 6 am I am scheduled to have my water baptism at the Manor Hotel and after that I have to attend two seminars, from 8am to 12noon and 1pm to 5pm. After that I am going to participate in the party and tomorrow night were gonna sing the song we are practicing after work this week.What a week for me.

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Lina Gustina said...

Busy...busy... you're a very active girl :)