Friday, February 5, 2010


Tabi, tried to open some of my blogs here but could not find this site of mine. He was asking me how to open my other blogs but I was hesitant to give him details again on how he could land on this page. If have not mistaken, I already told him before how he can view my other blogs, but I guess he already forgot it. When he feels like reading my blog he used to searched it through my title page. He told me he was visiting my crucial bliss page more often and after that revelation I  don't know  why I worry of the posting he can read there so I  moderate my posting  of personal inputs. I know it's his hobby to see that blog of mine if I have posted entries about myself specially when we had a fight. Why I know that activities of him? I remember he told me he visits my blog always when were not okay because according to him, at least through my blog he  still had connection with me when were not talking. He  confess that thing when our fight is over. and things get back  to normal. From then on, I switched writing my real feelings here. And now he's on the look again for this blog. hahaha. Sorry my beloved one if I sometimes used you in my topics here. What to do ? your  one of my life's spices  so whether  you like it or not you'll be one of the main characters  who completes my life story. Understand me that this is the only place were I found relief every time you provoked me. So don't be surprised if you found yourself  existing here.Because my theme here is more about me and this is how I am maintaining it. Search deeper boy!

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maritz said...

added ur site yen... add me too.