Sunday, February 28, 2010


At last I was able to update again this blog of mine after a week of being invisible here. Because of  my busy schedule this week I failed to post some updates about me here. But just a few updates of my whereabouts last Friday I attend to our Singles social gathering which is a project of my fellow singles in the company. More singles had participated the events ages to 21- 35 years old. The theme : Single is sexy, nice one love it. I was one of the participants and I could say the project was successful. Everyone was given the chance to meet and talked to all the singles around the room. Games were very interactive, there was this human bingo that I enjoy playing, blind date, and the always present game paper dance. What about the food? oh men,food were great and I did go back again for a second round  p90x recipes they have prepared for us that night.The event ended at around 10 in the evening and I'm pretty sure that everyone enjoyed the night.

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