Wednesday, February 10, 2010


My Aunt show me her new renovated house 2 weeks ago when we had the chance of chatting online. She was living in the province and I am here in the metro. She was touring me around her house from the living room, dining , kitchen and bathroom. Knowing her taste when it comes to bathroom vanities she'll probably spend more than I know. Her double sink bathroom vanity have match her bathroom theme and I was impressed with her kind of decorate and style she puts in her bathroom. All are mixed and match according to the personality of her and the children in the house, and I really admire the looks of her new house inside and out. All furniture were set beautifully, rooms were well furnished and bathroom amenities were selectively picked by my Aunt. Happy for her now that she was able to renovate her house through hard work and dedication at work.

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analou said...

I am glad that your aunt is happy with the result of her house renovation. It's not all the time that we're happy with the outcome. Good for her.