Saturday, January 9, 2010


Talking about being unique, Its one of the wishes everyone would like to own. To be unique in every way that they do. To be unique in ideas, style , personality , fashion and many many more. When it comes to events in our life we opt to be unique also, that is why sometimes if the person could afford to pay the price of hiring people with skills to do the work that they  wish to come up with the unique party or celebration in their life, they practically do that. My friend is going to say her sweetest "I do" to her finance 3 months from now. And even her wanted to have this uniqueness in her grand party of her life. Saw her unique wedding invitations and oh.. so wow! she really got what she wanted. I am happy for her that she had finally find her unique partner in life and that everything is set up as early as possible. Congrats my dearest friendship.


imelda said...

and when is yours, lol.

eden said...

Congrats to your friend! And wish them all the best.