Saturday, January 9, 2010


Life is good. God is awesome! God is so generous! Glory be to God. Last Friday one of my friend in the office says Goodbye for the reason of working abroad. All of us in the group were shocked with her revelation of leaving to soon, with her short notice. Her flight will be on this coming Tuesday already. So what we did after we had recovered from feeling sad, we come up with a Farewell party for her. By the way her name is Rain. I will post our picture here tomorrow.

After office hours we gather ourselves ( I am talking to the group were I and Rain is a member. The All Singles group). We go to the nearest Music House to celebrate. The party was full of laughter's and  singer aspiree. I'm one of those aspiree haha. We started the party at around 7.30 in the evening took our dinner for 30 minutes and  started the back to back concerts after We all enjoyed the night with Rain. Of course the purpose of that party was to give Rain a one last good memory to have with her when she leave us for Dubai. The last one hour in the Music house was giving her a word of appreciation. It was the saddest part I guess, seeing her for the last time in our group.It's really sad to know some people in our life needs to go and more harder if the person had been a part of your day to day living. But that's life. People come and go in our lives, and the only thing that is left behind is the memories. It will be selfish if we will hold them and hinder their  possible growth and freedom outside your circle. In our heart we  wishes Rain  a good life ahead with her decision. We just pray that God's teaching will continuously remind her and guide her all the time.Von Voyage Rania.

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Yogi Doank said...

nice post,.i like read this..i can get spirit on your story..