Thursday, January 21, 2010


Oh, will my anger burst out yesterday when tabi called me again to explained his side. But I never gave him the chance of making his alibi work on me. What happened next? He asked me if I will always be talking to him in sarcastic tone and would never forget about his mistake. Because I am so engrossed with my feelings that time. I have said the word that I really hate to say: "I need space, and Its time for us to part ways." Ah, I really hate myself, Last night I came to realize that I am pathetic and  fickle minded  Now I am regretting my decision because I am missing him badly. And the worst part is that, my anger had subside now and  my mind is injecting me his reasons to consider and giving him justification. This is so unfair! Oh no, am I going to swallow my Pride? Goodness breath deeper Girl.   

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imelda said...

hmmmm playing pusong mamon. . .be tough he is not everything in life, you'll know later