Sunday, January 17, 2010


These picture was taken two weeks ago, and as I've promised on my recent post here about Rain's leaving the group to pursue her dreams in Dubai, We pose for group picture at the room of music 21. All of us had a good time that night with Rain . There was another present in that night that bids goodbye  too in our group and the  company last December, She was Ida (The company nurse). Our night that time was full of reminiscing of the times that  Rain was still on the group.By the way Rain is the personal  assistant of the daughter's chairman and really she makes our life easier whenever we had documents that needs the signature of Ms. Cheeny (chairmans daughter) Rain would always assist us and even deliver the signed documents on our table. She is so lovely and  jolly and that makes her special to all of us. I just hope and pray that she may find her purpose in her journey to life.We love you Friend.

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eden said...

Good luck to your friend in Dubai..