Saturday, December 12, 2009


Christmas is coming to soon, everyone is going out to the markets and bazaar to look for a good buy to give. I myself has not yet gone out to buy gifts and presents for my kins , friends and family. But tonight I decided to go out and see what I can give this Holiday Season, but unfortunately I was not able to buy even one item. I was disappointed with the kind of qualities  those stuffs I planned to buy. Yeah, the price was cheap but the quality was not competitive and I don't want to buy stuffs  for the sake of just giving gifts.

Good quality can be bought at high prices so to buyers whom budget is limited they have no choice but to buy the cheaper one. Ouch! Not just that, when you go to the malls cashier lanes had long lines it will take you sometime to get to the cashiers booth. Fitting rooms are also full. When you see a yellow tag on the items you picked up it means item is on sale. But if your going to analyze their marketing strategy you'll laugh at yourself and shook your head because those sale items are not really  sales.

Try to go to your favorite shopping malls and see the selling price for the items on normal days and go back again on their sale day promo. Noticed that the normal selling price before doubled up. So even if they put a 50% off on that item the store still gets income even if they cut the price on its actual price. If  you think you had take home the item without spending too much,  think again because you really purchase the item on its regular price but you didn't mend the price for it was on sale price. It is what  you called Marketing Strategy. Mind over matter shop wise!


Mister LLama said...

Hmmm. It is really nice to shop during this season.. SALES SALES SALES and more SALES!

Thanks for the info.. I will tell my mom about this..=]

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eden said...

This is something that we should aware of especially this time of the year.

thanks for sharing..

Mabel Low said...

I realised this strategy that they were using. Like sales, buy one free three, etc etc. I thought they were brilliant! But not so good for us shoppers though:S When we shop, we really gotta "study" the prices. Lol.

tobes said...

wow this is an helpfull post thanks for the post